Model-Based Design Toolbox For Panther (MPC574xP) Family of Processors 2.0

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Model-Based Design Toolbox For Panther (MPC574xP) Family of Processors 2.0

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Model-Based Design Toolbox For Panther (MPC574xP) Family of Processors 2.0



Model Based Design Toolbox for MATLAB/Simulink supporting Panther (MPC57xP) version 2.0 is now available.


The product is FREE OF CHARGE and it is available for public.



Model Based Design Toolbox




Release Highlights – Model Based Design Toolbox for Panther (MPC574xP)

  • Support for new Panther XDEVKIT-MPC5744P board (ARDUINO style) which works with the new chassis XDEVKIT-MOTORGD for motor control applications.
  • Incorporation of latest Automotive Math and Motor Control Library release 1.1.7.
  • Support for latest MATLAB versions including 64 bits (2015/2016 a/b)
  • New DMA blocks, allowing ADC sampled data to be transferred to memory without CPU intervention through DMA module.
  • New LINFlexD blocks for serial communication support now allowing data send/receive operations through UART.
  • New Memory Read/Write blocks are added and they can now be used to read/write any memory zone.
  • New Custom Initialization block is added and it can be used to extend the configuration of any module outside the default setup prior to the model first step.
  • Support for S32 Design Studio for Power Compiler v1.1 in addition to new compilers versions Wind River DIAB v5.9.4.8 and Green Hills MULTI for PowerPC v2015.1
  • New Advanced Motor Control blocks, were added and now new functions like Track Observer or Back EMF Observer are provided as Simulink Blocks.
  • Aligned ADC clock frequency from 20MHz to 80MHz (max speed).
  • New ADC channel configuration block is redesigned to be allow configuration without sampling for the ADC channel, making now DMA scenario for transfers possible.
  • New Diagnostics panel can be used to enable/disable multiple consistency checks.
  • New Bootloader build to support UART1 communication.
  • Support in sync with FreeMASTER release 2.0.2.


new!!! HOT-FIX:  Add support for the latest e200 compiler that is released with S32 Design Studio for Power v1.2 .

Refer to HotFix_3 setup to have the MBD Toolbox working with latest e200 compiler.


Community Support Available


Support available via the NXP community at:


Hi Daniel,

I download the Toolbox,but i can not get the license.lic,


where can i get it?

Hi edenli

What you have downloaded is the Math and Motor Control Library that is separately from the Model-Based Design Toolbox.

For the library itself you do not need a license.

Best regards,


Toolbox download link doesn't work

Hi chandan24,

It was probably just a glitch. In case it still not working for you, please use this direct link: 


Use the Model-Based Design official page to get access to download locations: Model-Based Design Toolbox|NXP 

Hope this helps!

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