Wireless LAN Application and CPU Offloading - Demo

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Wireless LAN Application and CPU Offloading - Demo

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Wireless LAN Application and CPU Offloading - Demo

Demo Owner: Eric Dudley


Wireless LAN access point on the demo. This demonstration shows the P1023 in a Wireless LAN application. The dual-core QorIQ Processor with DPAA performs full offload of access points using CAPWAP and DTLS.  This hardware offload permits you to implement wirespeed GbE AP to Controller connectivity while freeing all CPU cycles to execute value added applications.




  • The P1023 is specifically designed for offloading wireless LAN access points
  • Lowest end product that has an offload engine called Data Path Acceleration Architecture (DPAA)
  • The offload engine is taking Layer 2 tunneled and layer 3 encrypted packets that are going from the access point back to the controller and it's doing all that connectivity at wire rate without using the CPU
  • For multi-radio devices that need CPU head room for radio management and other processing tasks


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