Sigfox Base Station Block Diagram

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Sigfox Base Station Block Diagram

Sigfox Base Station Block Diagram



Sigfox is a French company founded in 2009 that builds wireless networks to connect IoT devices. Their original focus was on industrial/professional applications such as water meters. Sigfox has recently been applying their technology to consumer applications such as smart watches and home alarms. The key parameters for the application is the requirement to exchange continuously and securely small amounts of data.

A wireless base station is a transceiver that connects other devices to one another and/or to a wider area. In this particular application we are implementing a Sigfox base station.



  • Low power
  • Securely
  • Small amounts of data
  • Securely transmitting small amounts of data


Block Diagram






Category Name 1:


Product URL 1

Layerscape LS1012A Communication Processor for the IoT | NXP 

Product Description 1

The QorIQ® LS1012A processor, optimized for battery-backed or USB-powered, space-constrained networking and IoT applications.


Category Name 2:


Product URL 1

Low-Power Multi-Channel UHF RF Wireless Platform | NXP 

Product Description 1

The OL2385 device is a radio frequency transceiver with an embedded MCU designed for a wide range of industrial and home applications requiring a very high link budget for bi-directional RF communication.


Category Name 3:

Power Management

Product URL 1

VR5100 Multi-output DC-DC for COMM Processor | NXP 

Product Description 1

The VR5100 is a high-performance, multi-output DC-DC regulator designed to power single or dual core LS1 processors like LS1012A and LS1024A.


Category Name 4:


Product URL 1

Logic controlled high-side power switch | NXP 

Product Description 1

The NX5P2190 is an advanced power switch with adjustable current limit. It includes under-voltage and over-voltage lockout, over-current, over-temperature, reverse bias and in-rush current protection circuits.

Product URL 2

 TJA1101 | 2nd generation PHY Transceiver | NXP 

Product Description 2

TJA1101  offers 100Mbit/s transmit and receive capability per port over up to at least 15m of unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable.




Product Link
OM2385/SF001 - OL2385 Wireless sub-GHz Transceiver SIGFOX Development Kit with KL43Z OM2385/SF001 - SIGFOX Development Kit | NXP 
Layerscape FRWY-LS1012A board FRWY-LS1012A Development Platform | NXP 
KITVR5100FRDMEVM: Evaluation Kit for VR5100 Power Management Integrated Circuit Evaluation Kit for VR5100 Power Management Integrated Circuit | NXP 
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