Qorivva MCUs Drive the Hybrid Powertrain

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Qorivva MCUs Drive the Hybrid Powertrain

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Qorivva MCUs Drive the Hybrid Powertrain

The MPC5777C and MPC5676R  Powertrain processors are ideal for Hybrid Powertrain applications. Dual e200z7 cores in conjunction with three NXP eTPU complex timer units provide the capabilities to control the electric motors, combustion engines, battery management tasks and inverters used within a Hybrid Powertrain. This demonstration shows function sets available from NXP being used to control a basic Hybrid Powertrain. The accompanying Hybrid Run game provides interaction with the demo. Drive the fastest lap you can, but don't run out of energy!





  • Qorivva MPC5777C and MPC5676R dual-core automotive MCU controls a hybrid powertrain
  • NXP eTPU function sets control PMSM electric traction motor and internal combustion engine
  • Drive the hybrid game—get the fastest lap but do not run out of energy

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