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Home Appliance Control



NXP is a one-stop partner for the different technologies needed to power major home appliances. They need a robust, reliable and attractive user interface, a powerful motor control optimized for efficiency and low noise as well as secure and accurate environment sensing.

NXP portfolio counts with multiple processing solutions ranging from MCUs to multicore MPUs enabling motor control, system control and advanced HMI.

This solution is based on a Kinetis Ke1xF-168 MHz MCU. This 5 V solution with the high-performance Cortex-M4 core running up to 168 MHz, integrates CAN 2.0B compliant FlexCAN and provides a highly reliable serial communication interface for industry applications.

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Category MCU
Product URL KE1xF: Kinetis KE1xF-168MHz, Performance with CAN 5V Microcontrollers based on Arm® Cortex®-M4 
Product Description Kinetis KE1xF MCUs are the high end series MCUs in Kinetis E family, providing robust 5V solution with the high performance Arm® Cortex®-M4 core running at up to 168 MHz.


Category Power Management
Product URL 1 TEA19363LT: GreenChip SMPS Primary Side Control IC with QR/DCM Operation and Active x-Capacitor Disc... 
Product Description 1 The TEA19363LT is a member of the GreenChip family of controller ICs for switched mode power supplies.
Product URL 2 MC33813: One Cylinder Small Engine Control IC 
Product Description 2 The NXP® MC33813 is an engine control analog power IC delivering a cost-optimized solution for managing one and one-cylinder engine.


Category Driver
Product URL PCA9959: 24-Channel SPI Serial Bus 63 mA/5.5 V Constant Current LED Driver 
Product Description The PCA9959 is a daisy-chain SPI-compatible 4-wire serial bus controlled by a 24-channel constant preset current LED driver optimized for dimming and blinking 63 mA Red/green/blue/amber (RGBA) LEDs.


Category Sensor
Product URL PCT2075: I2C-Bus Fm+, 1 Degree C Accuracy, Digital Temperature Sensor And Thermal Watchdog 
Product Description The PCT2075 is a temperature-to-digital converter featuring ±1 °C accuracy over ‑25 °C to +100 °C range.
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