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Contactless Reader Module

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Contactless Reader Module



Near Field Communication (NFC) is used for real-time precision marketing based on time, local inventory and the individual when embedded in product displays or the products themselves. NFC is also becoming the preferred method for payment either in smartphones or smart payment cards.

In this particular deployment , the overall system consists of Backend Servers, Top Up station and Household Meter.
The Backend Server roles are to activate the new installed meter, to collect meter usage data and behaviors, to implement new tariff based on user behaviors, and to allocate energy usage in effective way.
Top Up Stations are NFC Reader with SAM and they are connected to local Computer, Tablet or Mobile phone. They are located at retailers near by household to ease the user to buy the credits. Besides that, Top Up Station is also help to upload and download settings or parameter from the Backend Server
Household Meters are those Contctless Prepaid Meter has been installed at end user

Block Diagram



Category MCU
Product URL KM3x: 50–75 MHz Precision Metrology MCUs with Segment LCDs based on Arm® Cortex®-M0+ 
Product Description The KM3x MCU family enables single-chip one-, two-, and three-phase electricity meters, as well as flow meters and other precision measurement applications.


Category NFC Fronted
Product URL CLRC663 plus family: High-performance NFC frontends 
Product Description If you need high NFC performance or the lowest power consumption, use this remarkably efficient yet highly flexible frontend family to push your design further.


Category RTC
Product URL PCF8563: Real-time clock/calendar 
Product Description The PCF8563 is a CMOS Real-Time Clock (RTC) and calendar optimized for low power consumption.


Category Secure Element
Product URL A71CH: Plug and Trust - The fast, easy way to deploy secure IoT connections 
Product Description

A71CH is a ready-to-use secure element for IoT devices providing a root of trust at the IC level and delivers, chip-to-cloud security right out of the box, so you can safely connect to IoT clouds and services, including AWS, IBM Watson IoT™ Platform, and Google Cloud™ IoT Core without writing security code or exposing keys.


Category Power Management
Product URL TEA1721BDB1065: TEA1721 Universal Mains White Goods Flyback SMPS Demo Board 
Product Description This reference design demonstrates the TEA1721 as a -12 V and -3.3 V AC/DC SMPS converter that can provide 5 W into a load.


Category Smart Card
Product URL 1 MIFARE® DESFire® EV3: High-Security IC for Contactless Smart City Services 
Product Description 1 The features of the MIFARE DESFire EV3 IC reflect NXP’s continued commitment to secure, connected and convenient contactless Smart City services.
Product URL 2 MIFARE Plus® EV2: Secure IC for Contactless Smart City Services 
Product Description 2 As the next generation of NXP’s MIFARE Plus product family, the MIFARE Plus EV2 IC is designed to be both a gateway for new Smart City applications and a compelling upgrade, in terms of security and connectivity, for existing deployments.
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