pn7150 - multi node in one linux application

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pn7150 - multi node in one linux application

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We have application which use 3 readers PN5xx with library "libnfc" in uart interface.

Now we want upgrade this solution with the support of ISO15693. So we have identified the PN7150.

Our problem is the "linux_libnfc-nci" provided by NXP. Normaly it's compatible with i2C-dev driver kernel but we can't instanciate multi node with this library (many static and hard coded). Have you solution to use your library with 3 readers without rewrite all library?

Have you another component with this standard with a library where we can instantiate multi readers?

Thank you :smileywink:

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Basically, you can install 3 pn5xx-i2c kernel driver assigned to different I2C address (and different GPIOs) if the source code is updated to mount them with 3 different names (usually /dev/pn544, could be /dev/pn544_1, /dev/pn544_2 and /dev/pn544_3 for instance. ).

Then the library can be modified to connect to the appropriate device node (then there will be 3 instance of the library).

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