Using 125khx Prox with CLRC663

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Using 125khx Prox with CLRC663

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We have a product which uses the CLRC663 and have a requirement to work with 125khz prox

I have found the PRH601 which is multi frequency On the datasheet it mentions the CLRC663 - but i don't understand how they work together, would we add the PRH601 to our board which would communicate with the 663 and allow us to read prox cards?

The idea is to allow us to read Paxton Net2 credentials with a reader, be it the 663 or another reader connected to the 663

thanks in advance for any support you could give us on this :smileyhappy:

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Be careful working with the Paxton Net2. Whilst they use 125kHz RFID they seem to be deliberately non-standard. Whether this is genuinely for security reasons or just to sell more fobs to their clients I have no idea.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Dear Jacob Hinson  ,

 Hope you are doing great, I see you submitted a question in the internal platform, I will copy here the answer please let us know any questions or issues. Well first it is important to mention that the PRH601 is not recommended anymore for this we recommend using the PN7462 family, in the PRH601 what happened whas that inside the IC you have the CLRC663 and the HTRC connected to an LPC that controlled which interface was being used, if you want to do this I would recommend adding the 125KHz reader and do the same as the diagram in PRH601. since the PRH601 is not recommended for new designs, it may be turned into EOL ( End Of Life) state and that would be a problem if your project is using it.
Have a great day !



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