SLIX vs SLIX2 in libraries

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SLIX vs SLIX2 in libraries

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SLIX vs SLIX2 tag problems.

We are a public library using SLIX tags in our materials. Recently our supplier started shipping SLIX2 tags and we are now having problems programming the tags. The supplier has recommended that we upgrade our programming software. I have looked at the specification differences but am not sure we need the SLIX2 features in our environment. Are SLIX tags still available? Are there any concerns/issues in using both formats of tags in the same environment?

Thanks for any comments on this topic.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Dear Mike Turbes,

 there should they are both compatible but my recommendation would be that you avoid some security features, listed in the application note ICODE® SLI/SLIX/SLIX2/DNA Memory Access Management in the document section of the product I believe this document is under NDA  if you do not have an NDA please contact your closest distributor to sign an NDA and get this document,  if you do not add any slix2 specific feature listed in the application note they should work well.




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