Repeated Start in I2C in PN7462

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Repeated Start in I2C in PN7462

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Hi All,

I am using PN7462 with a BMA456 accelerometer. Now for initializing BMA456 firmware needs to load 6KB of configuration stream using I2C. As it is not possible to load 6KB of data in a single call I am breaking down the stream into 8byte at a time. But BMA456 does not initialize properly. I have looked into the BOSCH community and found one post that suggests the issue might be the START/STOP condition after the first write which might be causing this issue. I am also attaching a link to the BOSCH community below.

Now for solving such an issue I need to send a Repeated START condition in 6KB of the stream. Please suggest a solution in PN7462.

Thanks in advance.

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