NXP reader library with NTAG I2C Plus

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NXP reader library with NTAG I2C Plus

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we want to use the NXP reader library with a NTAG I2C Plus tag (as reader a Pegoda CLRD710 is used). Is there any working example code and/or documenation that shows the usage of the NTAG I2C Plus functionality? The tag shall not be used with NDEF messages, we directly want to read/fastread and write/fastwrite the complete memory, read the signature and the version.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Stefan Jardot,

Hope you are doing great, there is no example for NTAG I2C and pegoda,  in the NFC reader library you can find the example for NTAG i2c, this example reads some memory from the NTAG and the write  to sector 0 .

the library for pegoda is secured under NDA ( Non Disclosure Agreement) this means that all the information, tools and support. you can use the example available in the NFC reader library in the webpage as reference.

Have a great day !



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