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NFC Tag Testing

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I am currently designing in the NT3H2211 NTAG in a new audio product development. 

This product only needs an N-Mark. (no certification needed) and is for a tap and pair application. 

I'd like to know what typical testing needs to be done for a NFC tag product of this nature to ensure functional confidence in this design (as there is no compliance testing done e.g. field strength, load modulation, wave shapes)

From a functional standpoint, the tests that are I can conceive are:

1. Measuring the resonance of the tag placing a reader within reading proximity and measuring its S11

2. Read range testing (reading out a packet of data using a reader and sweeping this across distance to understand the effective read range)

Is there anything beyond the above that may be recommended to ensure good testing coverage?



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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hi Josh,


Hope you are doing well. In this case, to get the N-Mark in your final product, you would need to communicate it with the NFC Forum. You should contact them, and see with them the tests you need for or if there is a special certification to get the mark you are looking for.


Best Regards,


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