Looking for read-only secure NFC smart card options

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Looking for read-only secure NFC smart card options

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hey guys,

Im looking for read-only secure NFC product options. My requirements are:

  1. Write once and then read-only.
  2. Around 100 reads on the smart card is ok. Although, if I get higher reads then it is better.
  3. I need less than 50 bytes of memory. The memory requirement can be lowered if a cheaper product meets the rest of the requirements.
  4. I have high security requirements.
    • I should be able to identify the cards issued by me. So if someone comes to me with a different card then I should be able to identify that the card is not issued by me. I am happy to maintain an online database of card uids issued by me, if that is an option.
    • People should not be able to clone my cards.
    • People should not be able to update data on my cards.
    • People should not be able to create a new card with my card's UID or identification and add their data to it.
    • People should be able to read part of the data (not the security related blocks) using smart phones. This is not a hard requirement.
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I have currently shortlisted

1. MIFARE DESFire Light.

2. MiFare Ultralight AES.

However, I want to know if there are cheaper alternatives for my requirements.

Current plan is to use MIFARE DESFire Light's communication encryption and shared key based access control to store unique id of the card in a key protected memory area. The rest of the data will not be in the key protected memory area so people will be able to read it. Since I will maintain a database of the hash of all the data on the card, if some one alters the unprotected memory area then I will be able to identify that. I think I might be able to optimize the approach further. At a high level MIFARE DESFire Light looks like a fit. What I dont know is, is MIFARE DESFire Light an overkill and are there cheaper options?

Vault-IC 292 and NTAG 424 DNA / 424 DNA TagTamper look to be promising but don't know much about them.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


You can use the product selector tool to compare the differences.


For Mifare Desfire Light, the applications are mentioned below.


For NTAG 424 NDA,  the applications include



You can refer to the datasheet for more details.





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