I2C communication issues using OM23221ARD board

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I2C communication issues using OM23221ARD board

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i'm having issues communicating with the NTAG device on this board, and wanted to first confirm the pin assignments on the base board connectors....  here's a picture i found online:


the OM29100ARM adaptor board has a small arrow plus the number "1" at the top of each of the four connectors....  SCL for example is at pin 1 of the upper right connector; and VOUT is at pin1 of the upper left connector....

when i look at the traces on the adaptor board, however, if would appear that VOUT should be at the *bottom* (pin 8) of the upper left connector....  in general, the left side of the adaptor board doesn't match up with the right side of the FRDM board....

i'm using the NTAG device from an external MCU; not a FRDM board....  making sure i'm connecting VSS/VCC/SCL/SDA to the correct pins on the adaptor is (obviously!!) critical....

at this point, i receive NAK's when reading or writing using addresses 0xAB or 0xAA....  i've also probed block 0, reg 0 using *every* possible 7-bit address in case the NTAG was somehow reprogrammed....

here's a ping using 0x55 as the 7-bit slave address:


the NTAG can be read from my android phone with no issues....

thanks, bob.

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hi Bob,


Hope you are doing well. It would be helpful to check the Start-up Guide for FRDM-KW41Z, in the section 1.1 is the HW configuration.


Regarding the connections, please refer to the OM29110 Hardware Desing files. There you can see the schematics of the OM29110ARD.


In the section 3.6.4 of the NTAG I²C plus - FAQs mentions that you are doing what is needed when you don't know the I2C address.

I2C Address.png

With the Peek and Poke Windows Application, I can found the I2C Address device doing it, but when it tries to write and receives a NAK, stops the transmission and tries again with the next Address possibility, after 63.92ms.


When found an ACK, reads the register and do it correctly. (Address 0x2A)


Could you please try doing it? It should work.


Also there is a function in the ntag_i2c_explorer_demo in the SDK (for example in the FRDMK64F), it could help you to resets the memory to its default values.


Best Regards,


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