How to decrease RF power PN5190

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How to decrease RF power PN5190

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I would like to decrease RF power in both active and LPCD modes so as to decrease reading range and power consumption. I am curretly reading an ISO card at 70mm.

Current config is as follows:


I guess I should decrease the VDDPA, but there are many settings related to this.

TXLDO_VDDPA_MAX_RDR (0008h) is set to 3V3, but the reading range is the same.

Which are the key setting I should touch?

Regards, Ramon.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello, my name is Fabian, I've been assigned to support your case.

I appreciate your interest in our products.

I may have to add that this feature doesn't have a specific register for decreasing the antenna distance detection. This is very attached to the antenna design and its fine-tuning. For this, I will have to recommend you to please check the Antenna Design Application Note and the Antenna Design video series.

Additional to this, there is a feature in the IC that will help you on this matter but, keep in mind that this is the last step of the antenna design. DPC allows controlling the transmitter driver voltage on the actual transmitter current. Please check section 9.11 of the PN5190 Datasheet

I may have to add that you can use NFC Cockpit for this fine-tuning, this is a tool that will help you configure your IC, in a graphical interface.

Best Regards,
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