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Help with device development.

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Greetings for the day! I am working on a business start up which is about the eradication of sexual harassment against women through the use of technology. From past few months, I have been working on conceptualising a device which would operate on a RF application. It would be a sticker tag which a person could wear over the clothes or probably stick it on the back of their cell phones.

The work of an RFID STICKER TAG is to send SIGNAL to the Tied-Up Device, which would be a CELL PHONE(Android or I Phone). The maximum transceiving range of an RFID required is 80 centimetres to 1 meter.  We would have a MOMENTARY SWITCH(BUTTON) on a device, only pressing which would lead to the initialisation of a transmission protocol by the RFID device. After pressing a momentary switch on a RFID device also has to have a vibration. So that, it can be realised that the protocol has been initiated.

It would only be a one time use tag device. Only that much power is to be provided to the device, that, it could transmit the signal once to the tied up cell phone. I also want the device to always stay connected to the cell phone. But, it should only utilise its power when the momentary switch is been pressed/ the transmission protocol is initialised.

I have able to conceptualise the form factor of the device but still stuck up on how to achieve the form factor. I would be more than grateful if someone who holds an expertise in this field could help me in designing the device.

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I would go for an Arduino / BLE solution.

NFC is too specific not for this kind of things.

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