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DRM128 source code

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Is there an application code example which shows how an FTM output can be used to get position and speed?  I'm curious what the suggested way to use the various fixed point datatypes is.  All the available examples for Kinetis seem to use sensorless control and the source for the RD3PHASEPMSMVCQE reference design is gone.  

Said otherwise, I'd like to find the application code corresponding to DRM128.  



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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi, Benjamin,

As you know that there are multiple peripherals which can decode Encoder signal, for example FTM module with quadrature decoder mode, Quadrature Encoder/Decoder module, QuadTimer module...., different processor have different peripherals, what is your part number?

The encoder can output PhaseA/PhaseB even Home and Index signals, the decoder can counts falling/rising edges of PhaseA and PhaseB signals and give position inf and speed inf.

Unfortunately, I have not the source code for PMSM control with Encoder based on Kinetis, but I have the code based on DSC, I attach it, pls refer to it.

Hope it can help you


Xiangjun Rong

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