How to use Freemaster with simulink

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How to use Freemaster with simulink

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Can you help me

1. how I can create freemaster file and how i can link that file to our simulink model to visualize the output

2. if some Freemaster example file is already present can we link that file into our simulink project

3. link means (map elf file into freemaster ) am i right ?

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee


1. After integrating FreeMASTER into the Simulink application, no new special file is created. The file with the extension .elf is the one that will be used by the FreeMASTER PC application.
If, by FreeMASTER file, you mean the FreeMASTER project, you can create it by saving the working project in the PC app. This will create a file with the extension .pmpx which stores all the settings and the configured paths.

2. There are Simulink examples that can be used to understand how FreeMASTER works. In order to add this functionality in your Simulink application you need to add the FreeMASTER Config block into the Simulink canvas next to your model implementation. This block is only available in the NXP Model-Based Design Toolbox.

3. If you already have the .elf file you can easily point to it in the FreeMASTER project by going to: Project -> Options -> MAP Files tab -> Default symbol file. Here you can browse for the file.

Detailed steps on how to integrate FreeMASTER into your Simulink application can be found in this article:
Sending data via UART and monitoring signals with FreeMASTER

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