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CAN receiver Simulink toolbox

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I'm trying to use the Simulink toolbox in order to receive with my NXP S32K144 CAN message from a NXP S32K146. I'm sure that the transmitter (S32K146) works because my CANoe can read the messages sent on the bus.

I already tried the examples presented in Simulink but none of them seem to work. It seems that there are some configuration problem but I can understand what it is. The only examples I could found is this examples just a virtual CAN bus is used but it doesn't work with a real CAN bus.

I attached here the last data block scheme that I'm using and the wiring between the two boards.

I already tried to use a block can receiver without interrupt but it doesn't work.

Thank you for the support simulink.PNGsubsubsystem.PNGsubsystem.PNGWhatsApp Image 2022-07-12 at 18.10.40.jpeg

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