MCF52259 ADC under MQX, but with no driver

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MCF52259 ADC under MQX, but with no driver

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Hi, I'm working on a board based upon M52259demokit design, MQX 3.8.1. I need ADC conversions at the fastest speed (5Mhz clock). I tried compiling my project rebuilding the bsp and psp libraries with BSPCFG_ENABLE_ADC set to 1 and the ADC works fine. But I think I can achieve better performance by disabling MQX ADC driver and writing/reading ADC registers directly, isnt't it? So, I rebuilt bsp and psp without ADC support and wrote a simple code to initialize and start the ADC and read result registers, but the result is always wrong. I tried every mode and every ADC clock (even the lowest).


I attach the project so that you can try it, if possible.


PC operating system: Windows 8.


Best regards,


Original Attachment has been moved to: ADC_prova.rar

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