Writing your First MQXLite Application

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Writing your First MQXLite Application

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Writing your First MQXLite Application

by: Luis Garabito

Applications Engineer

TICS, Mexico

The time invested to develop applications for the first time in a new environment can be significant. It is necessary to understand how the environment works and then be able to generate applications for this environment.

The purpose of this application note is to provide the knowledge that enables developers to start quickly and easily with the development of their first application on Freescale MQXLite RTOS.

This document provides the bases that developers will need to understand to create basic Freescale MQXLite applications.

This Application Note is based on the Kinetis KL2 USB MCUs Family, specifically, the KL25Z128VLK4 micro controller. The Freescale Freedom development platform board (FRDM–KL25Z) is also used for this example.

The full application note is attached.

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