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Hello, I've been wanting to start making an MQX application with MCF51CN128 with MQX 4.0 and Codewarrior v10.4 and I can't find a way to start with a template proyect with MQX and RTCS.


I don't want to think freescale is just making this chip aside, as it only have been on the market very few years. What's happening?

The chip will be produced quite a long time as it is part of the Product Longevity program:

What has been stopped is the MQX board support package for TWR-MCF51CN. See Freescale MQX 4.0.0 release notes:

The following board support packages were removed from the release and will be supported only as a part of MQX 3.8.1 version maintenance.

o TWR-MCF51AG, TWR-MCF51CN, TWR-MCF51JE, TWR-MCF51MM, TWR-MCF51QM, DEMOEM, DEMOAC, EVB51JM128, M5208EVB, M52223EVB, M52233DEMO, M52235EVB, M52277EVB, M53015EVB, M5329EVB, M54455EVB and MPC8308RDB

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