MQX Lite Real-Time Operating System (RTOS)

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MQX Lite Real-Time Operating System (RTOS)



Is anybody here?

I'd like to know how can make an application in coldfire V2 with MQX-Lite because apparently the codewarrior 10.3 just lists the kinetis MCUs. I don't know if I installed it wrong of what.

Thanks for helping. Regards.

At the moment, MQX-Lite is available only for Kinetis-L series. It can't be used on ColdFire.

Hi Martin

When will it be available for K60 and K70 more or less?

Thanks a lot,

Ángel G.

Hi Ángel G.

MQX-Lite support for Kinetis K Series will be available with the coming CodeWarrior 10.3 Update. It should be out very soon.

Ok Thank you very much Martin!

Please clean up the links on this page.  The links under "Product Information...." link to MQX info instead of MQX Lite.  This is very misleading, implying that the Lite version has TCP/IP stack--among other features--which it doesn't have.

Thank you Frank for notification, I have corrected the first link, the second one was removed.

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