questions about etpu programming

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questions about etpu programming

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Hi NXP team,

I am curious about etpu programming, not using the already compiled nxp projects.

So I downloaded CodeWarrior for eTPU 10.3 and opened AN4907SW and opened eTPU_Dev_CodeWarrior10.2.2 folder.

I first thought that microcodes and global variables should be generated after building the project, but I don't think they are created after building the project.

How can I generate etpu_set.h source code(Image of the compiled eTPU code binary)? 

Do I have to download different compiler for etpu?

Since I don't have much time right now, I couldn't buy the book you recommended on other similar questions (I am currently living in South Korea and shipping time takes so long)





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Contributor IV

Another learning option to try would be a demo of the ASH WARE eTPU tools, see  Free and comes with quite a few demos, including one for AN4907.  Note that the ASH WARE eTPU compiler produces the tightest executable code of any of the available tools, which is occasionally important.

John Diener
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