new S32R274 Questions about FlexCAN?

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new S32R274 Questions about FlexCAN?

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Dear NXP engineer:

     Now,I would like to use FlexCAN to communicate with the PC,and I refrenceExample S32R274 FlexCAN_with_Interrupts S32DS ,modify the CAN_1 reception as CAN_0 reception, I use the CAN_0 receive the CAN frame which come from PC,I enable interrupt for MB0(set in CAN_IMASK1 register),so when it receive complete,it will into a interrupt,and now in interrupt the service function,I sent the reception data to PC with using CAN_0.

    but I debug the application, can't achieve this function,no data was receiving. And, the consle Windows report:


and report:Interrupt command received. Halting execution.


I need the help, thanks!

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