The receive function in the enet_rmii_udp

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The receive function in the enet_rmii_udp

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I am trying to use the example project with the name of  enet_rmii_udp. I can send udp packet in this project, but I do not find the receive function in the project. I wonder if there is a function in the project used for receiving udp ? I use mpc5748g as my development board. 

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hello Jupeng,

I checked this example project and it looks like this project is not suitable for working with UDP protocol. There is no TCP/IP stack implemented, and only few protocols are supported (ARP and ICMP) which is very limited.

According to my understanding, this example cannot receive UDP datagram at all. Only ICMP and ARP packets can be handled.

I recommend you to use LwIP example instead of this one, because LwIP example contains LwIP stack which supports TCP and UDP protocols. Using LwIP stack is not quite simple, but it will save you much time and problems later during your development.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to write me back.



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