MMU & FMPLL initialization MPC5775K

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MMU & FMPLL initialization MPC5775K

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I'm building my own external tool to flash a MPC5775K device by following this application note: 

All read/write access work fine and also the internal SRAM initialization, but at the moment I'm stuck at the initialization of the MMU and FMPLL as desribed in chapter 4. I do not know how to initialize them and haven't found much information about it. I would really appreciate any help there. 

Regarding the MMU I just found this part in the datasheet: ' MPC5775K is a multicore microcontroller unit that does not support MMU', but in the z4 core manual MMU is available. So does that mean I do not have to do MMU init at all? 

I already did the FlashInit SSD Function with just initalizing the SRAM and this works fine and I'm getting the C55_OK return value and also the Num Block Info are written into the SSD Config. So is SRAM init enough for this device or do i need the other ones for the other SSD functions? 



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