How to check MCU is working or not

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How to check MCU is working or not

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we bought "NXP Semiconductors MPC5775BE-416DS Daughter Card Adapter" along with the mother board. we tried flashing the MCU "MPC5775E" with P&E multilink universal debugger, but we couldn't flash it. we just got a error message from PE assistant.

but when we replaced the MCU with MPC5775B, we got it working.

how to check whether MPC5775E is working or not ?

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee


I suggest you to put faulty micro back into socket and measure the reset line after power on reset.

To see if the line is toggling or no.

If the line is not toggling, than your micro is in permanent reset state. Root cause of this can be different, for example data programed in HSM area have ECC fault.

But after measurement we will see if the device is possible to recover.

best regards,


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