DMA - NOR FLASH Data Logging Missing Byte Problem

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DMA - NOR FLASH Data Logging Missing Byte Problem

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Hi everyone,

I am using #mpc5674f microcontroller, I have an algorithm about datalogging. I am using #DMA controller to write data on NOR Flash, via SPI. I have a 117-byte structure and I write this structure on NOR Flash page by page, in every second. In each page, there are 256 bytes and I use one page to write this structure values each time. I write current structure values in every second on NOR Flash.

I can write data correctly on NOR Flash in this way but I recognized an error few days ago. When I read the values on NOR Flash, I saw that there are 4 faulty lines in about 2 million lines.

In these lines I saw that first byte of the structure is gone and it starts with second byte. Also, 116th byte repeated at the end. So, the first byte is missing and 116th byte is repeated in a structure. It occurs randomly so I cannot debug the error. 

Please, can anyone help? 

Thank you in advance. 


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi, some details it would be needed.

What is you XBAR setting? In such application it is common to have set higher priority for eDMA than the core for XBAR slave where DSPI sits. Aren't you facing some overflow/underflow situation in the SPI module. It would suitable to monitor SPI status register (for instance by debugger watchpoints or otherwise). Is there certain regularity with the issue? Do you have multiple boards or it is just one prototype? Are others affected? Other known influences (temperature and so)..