Command line tool for OpenSDA Flashing

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Command line tool for OpenSDA Flashing

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I finally got around to working more on my command line tool to flash the DEVKIT-MPC57xx boards without having to launch Eclipse: GitHub - jed-frey/opensda_flasher 

It uses Python to call GDB and the PE GDB Server. Can be added to Jenkins to flash files after they've been compiled for unit testing. Can load to flash and to RAM (to avoid wear).


pip install git+


  1. Program an elf to the device flash:

opensda_flasher flash C:\NXP\workspaceS32DS.Power12\ADC_MPC5744P\Debug\ADC_MPC5744P.elf

  1. Program an elf to the device RAM:

opensda_flasher debug C:\NXP\workspaceS32DS.Power12\ADC_MPC5744P\Debug_RAM\ADC_MPC5744P.elf

  1. Create a local init. This can be used to customize the settings. By default this is saved to osf.ini

opensda_flasher init

  1. Program an elf to the device flash with local config settings. osf may be used interchangeably with opensda_flasher

osf --config osf.ini flash C:\NXP\workspaceS32DS.Power12\ADC_MPC5744P\Debug\ADC_MPC5744P.elf

  1. Create a custom local init. The elf files can also be stored in the init.

osf --config=adc.ini init C:\NXP\workspaceS32DS.Power12\ADC_MPC5744P\Debug\ADC_MPC5744P.elf

Then use the config to flash the elf.

osf --config=adc.ini flash

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Contributor IV

Fixed issue with DEVKIT-MPC5748G timing out.

Added command line option "ports" to show what devices are connected.

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