How to use CRCgen in CodeWarrior for MCU

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How to use CRCgen in CodeWarrior for MCU

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How to use CRCgen in CodeWarrior for MCU

This document shows, how to use CRC gen utility in CodeWarrior for MCU IDE.


1) Create new project in CodeWarrior.

2) Create a file calc_crc.crc in the Project/Project_Settings/Linker_File directory.


3) Open project settings, choose C/C++ Build ->Settings and add the following command to Post-build steps:

"${MCU_TOOLS_HOME}/bin/crcgen.exe" "${BuildLocation}/${BuildArtifactFileName}" -crc "${ProjDirPath}/Project_Settings/Linker_Files/calc_crc.crc" -srec "${BuildLocation}/${BuildArtifactFileName}.crc.mot" 26



4) Open calc_crc.crc and configure required parameters. Meaning of single lines is described in CodeWarrior reference manual called Targeting_Microcontrollers


I used following code (it is only example)



5) Build your project.

6) File MPC5604B-CRCTest.elf.crc.mot was created



Now you have s-record, which contains CRC and which could be loaded to microcontroller.

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