How to program QSPI flash using CodeWarrior 10.x

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How to program QSPI flash using CodeWarrior 10.x

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How to program QSPI flash using CodeWarrior 10.x

This document shows, how to use CodeWarrior 10.6 to program QSPI flash for Power Architecture microcontrollers.


1) Create new project for appropriate microcontroller.

2) Open Debug configuration and duplicate one of the target.



3) Rename duplicated target (optional)

4) Choose the duplicated (renamed) target and click Edit button in Target settings tab.



5) In new screen, click Advanced Programming Options.



6) Check Use Alternative Algorithm and choose the algorithm you want to use. Algorithms are place in CodeWarrior installation folder. Full path is




7) On the screen Debug configuration, choose the file you want to program to QSPI flash.



Click Apply and Debug.

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