Example MPC5646C Standby Wakeup To SRAM CW210

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Example MPC5646C Standby Wakeup To SRAM CW210

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Example MPC5646C Standby Wakeup To SRAM CW210

This example enters the MCU into STANDBY0 low power mode and wakes up to backup SRAM.

The WKPU6 (PE[0]pin) is used to wake up the MCU.






* Detailed Description:


* On the EVB use KEY2 to enter Standby.

* Use KEY1 to wake up from Standby to a code in backup SRAM.


* In RUN mode the LED1 blinks very fast, second core toggels LED3

* In STANDBY all LEDs are off.

* The wakeup code blinks LED1 and LED2 slowly.


* The macro WKP_CORE is used to select which core is used after MCU wakes up.

* When z4 core is selected, it is also necessary to set the MMU otherwise exception

* is generated when uncovered memory area is accessed.

* This is not needed for z0 core due to lack of the MMU. 



* ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

* Test HW:  XPC56xxMB2 + XPC564xB/C, SPC5646C 0N32E silicon

* Target :  internal_FLASH

* Fsys:     120 MHz PLL0


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Hello,I am using MPC5646C board, but I have a problem that I can not communicate using FlexRay protocol. In other words. would you like to help me to  supply FlexRay program in MPC5646C board. I have been always doing this work recently, but haven't any progress and  I am in a hurry ! So would you like to help me? Hope to your response!

HI,I am using the board MPC5646c.I am facing  a  big  problem  that  I  want  to  achieve  the  filter  of  ID  in  CAN  protocol.For example,I want to receive the  frame of ID=5  ,at  the  same  time  ,I  also  want to receive  the  ID=6,So, the   other  ID should be  masked.IF  I  want   to  achieve  this goal,what should I  do??Please  help  me ,hope  your  resoponse.!

I  have   the  same  question!!!!

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