MCxN947 OpAmp - voltage input limits

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MCxN947 OpAmp - voltage input limits

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the document "AN14190: OPAMP usage on MCXN947" refers to different configurations for the opamps, but I could not find data on the input Max and Min voltages, furthermore there is an inverting configuration which has me confused as all the data that I've seen only refers to positive voltage values.  So what are the maximum input and voltages for the OpAmps and what is the use case for the inverting OpAmp if negative voltages are not allowed.



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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


Thank you so much for your interest in our products and for using our community.

The analog electrical specifications/characteristics usually do not come in app notes. It comes in the datasheet. Please refer to the 4.4 Analog section.

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