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Contributor I

I can't use the precompiled iar_lib_power library.  I'm using GCC and it is calling undefined routines.

So, I'm looking for the source code that is used to generate this library.

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hi Vance Neff

Power library is delivered in three format, for armcc(KEIL), iccarm(IAR), and gcc(MCUXPRESSO IDE)

You may download SDK for MCUXPRESSO and using libfsl_power_lib.a which is in \devices\LPC54608\mcuxpresso folder.

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Contributor I

Thank you.

The GCC version was not in the SDK_2.0_LPC54608J512 that I down loaded

3/21, but it is in the SDK_2.2_LPC54618J512 that I had downloaded 3/23.

My test project does compile now.

Thanks again!

Thank you,

Vance Neff

Partech, Inc.

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