Two continuous LPSPI blocking transfer

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Two continuous LPSPI blocking transfer

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I have to read data from a serial Nor flash, connected to my RT1xxx through LPSPIx.

I have to send one command byte and then I have to read 10KB data.

It would be nice to do this with two transfers:

  • a 5-byte transfer in tx, composed by
    1 command byte
    3 address byte
    1 dummy byte
  • another transfer with 10KB rx buffer, and NULL tx buffer

obviously the chip-select must be asserted at the first transfer and de-asserted at the end of the second transfer, between the two transfers the chip-select must remain asserted. In other words CONT must be 1 and CONTC 0 in the first transfer. While in the second transfer both CONT and CONTC must be 1. At the end of the second transfer CONTC shoud be written 0 to deassert CS. Obviously only one TCR write must be made between the two transactions.

I tried to draw a time diagram to explain myself better:


In the first transaction I only write, in the second transaction I only read, but between the two the PCS must remain asserted.

I am using SDK 2.15.000, how can I achieve this behavior using API of SDK?

You may ask why do I need this? A single call to LPSPI_MasterTransferBlocking() would force me to allocate both rxData and txData buffers with two vectors of more than 10KB, in which the tx buffer is completely useless. Is exactly what I would like to avoid.

Note that some years ago I asked the same question, but did not get a satisfactory answer.


best regards


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


I agree with the previous response, I suggest you use LPSPI_MasterTransferNonBlocking() since it has a handle that allows you to configure the bytes to receive/transmit.

In continuous mode, there are some known issues so you can opt to use PCS as GPIO to have control on it. Details on this issue are found here: Solved: RT1050 LPSPI last bit not completing in continuous mode - NXP Community

Best regards,

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