Firmware updates and device management with Pelion Device Management

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Firmware updates and device management with Pelion Device Management

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If you are deploying fleets of devices that connect on to network, I wanted to let you know about a solution to help you manage your devices securely. It includes services for helping you provision your devices, securely communicate with your devices, and keep their firmware up to date.

Pelion Device Management is a cloud-agnostic service developed by Arm that helps customers around the world realize the benefits of the Internet of Things and make deploying products easier.

I am pleased to share that Arm Pelion Device Management Client is now pre-integrated with MCUXpresso SDK 2.8.2.

Currently, I.MXRT1060 and LPC54628 are supported. If you are working with a different processor family, the client has a porting layer for adding additional implementations, or feel free to contact Arm or NXP about getting another port.

By adding the Pelion Device Management library to your application, you enable:

  • Firmware update: Push signed software updates to a large group of devices.
  • Cloud connectivity: Send data between your IoT device and cloud service.
  • Certificate renewal: Use Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to remotely provision device certificates.
  • First-to-claim (zero-touch provisioning): Simplify the supply chain by claiming ownership of your device in the field.

Included in the package is an example application and detailed step-by-step tutorial within MCUXpresso SDK 2.8.2 for the supported processors.

You can sign up for a Pelion free-tier account and start using the service in a few short minutes.

To get started


  • Select a board LPCXpresso54628 or EVK-MIMXRT1060



  • Choose SDK Version 2.8.2 2020-08-19



  • In the list of components, select Arm Pelion IoT.




  • Click Download SDK.



  • When the download is ready, click the download icon, then select both the Download SDK Archive and Download SDK Documentation to get everything you need.



  • Extract the files and follow the guide in \docs\Arm Pelion.



Please note that Keil MDK and GCC/CMake are currently supported toolchains.

The client uses the following features already provided by MCUXpresso SDK.

  • lwip networking stack
  • freeRTOS real time operating system
  • mbedtls transport layer security
  • flash driver


In summary, if you are using NXP MCUXpresso SDK and are looking to add device management capabilities, be sure to check out Arm Pelion Device Management.  

If you have any questions, you can make a post to or contact the Pelion team at


A huge thanks goes to all individuals in NXP and Arm that made this possible!


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Pelion Device Management

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