EVK-MIMXRT1050 SDK middleware projects not available

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EVK-MIMXRT1050 SDK middleware projects not available

Contributor III

I've downloaded the EVK-MIMXRT1050 SDK... the base options work fine in MCUxpresso and compile ok.

However when including middleware such as emwin they don't get added into the SDK manifest file so emwin projects don't appear as an option when 'import SDK examples' is used to import the project into MCUxpresso.

I selected CMSIS DSP Library, emWin, lwIP, USB stack, FatFS, FreeRTOS as extras in the SDK build.  Some appeared, some didn't.

Looking further into it, from the options I've set, missing projects that I can see in the SDK zip but are not appearing in mcuxpresso are:


  • lwip
  • sd-jpeg


  • elcdif

  • pit
  • pxp
  • qtmr
  • rtwdog
  • semc
  • src



  • emwin_gui_demo


I manually added the emwin_gui_demo into the manifest (EVK-MIMXRT1050_manifest.xml) by adding the following... it seemed to work and I could import the project...

<example id="evkmimxrt1050_emwin_gui_demo" name="emwin_gui_demo" category="emwin_examples/emwin_gui_demo" toolchain="mcuxpresso">
<external path="boards/evkmimxrt1050/emwin_examples/emwin_gui_demo" type="xml">
<files mask="emwin_gui_demo.xml"/>

Is there some reason why these are not getting added to the manifest when building the sdk?

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

We talked about this problem with the SDK team. Those projects have been intentionally excluded from the manifest file. The SDK team doesn't guarantee the projects to work fine if they are build in the MCUX IDE. There is a problem in the SDK builder that caused, that the projects have been included into the generated package.

The SDK team is working on having those projects prepared for being used in the MCUX IDE. They plan to provide update of the RT1050 SDK in late March.

Contributor I

Any update? I cannot find the sd_jpeg demo as well

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Thanks Petr

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Contributor V

Oh, duh! I didn't even know these samples were in the SDK since they didn't show up in the import examples dialog.

Thanks for pointing this out!

I was working from other samples for the semc and couldn't find any for the display...  this helps a lot.

Will this be fixed in a new version of the SDK?

NXP Employee
NXP Employee

I will report it Jack,