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Max14830 No data received.

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I'm having trouble setting max14830 using ti dsp 28377 spi.
Spi_Write (0x9f, 0xce); // Global command operation
Spi_Write (0x05,0xFF); // Read revision number FF is filled in digits
Spi_Write (0x9f, 0xcd); // Global command not working
I confirmed the revision ID (= 0xB4) with the above command.

Next, Uart3 is set as follows.
Spi_Write ((port << 5) | 0x1b | 0x80,0x40); // [6] set1 to disable CLK
Spi_Write ((port << 5) | 0x1e | 0x80,0x88); // no RTS PLLBypass no PLLEn Ex Clock
    Spi_Write ((port << 5) | 0x1c | 0x80,0x09); // DVILSB
    Spi_Write ((port << 5) | 0x1d | 0x80,0x00); // DVIMSB
    Spi_Write ((port << 5) | 0x09 | 0x80,0x88); // tx mode1
    Spi_Write ((port << 5) | 0x0A | 0x80,0x00); // tx mode1
    Spi_Write ((port << 5) | 0x0b | 0x80,0x03); // 8bit length
    Spi_Write ((port << 5) | 0x1b | 0x80,0x2c); // enable CLK, set x4 mode

Then, RX-TX is connected to the outside, and '0xAA' is input to TX and RX data is read but '0x3E' is read.
  Spi_Write (0x03 << 5 | 0x80,0xAA);
  Spi_Write (0x03 << 5,0x00);
How do I know if I can read RX data normally?

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Contributor I

have you been able to fix this problem?

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Lee

TMS320F28377 is not NXP product but TI.

Please contact TI support for its questions. Thanks.

TI E2E Community 

Have a nice day,

Jun Zhang

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