MK81 Init external QSPI Flash

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MK81 Init external QSPI Flash

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Hi there,

I need your help. I am working with a processor from the family K81. Do you have any sample code related to QSPI?

I want to use a MX66L1G89G QSPI memory but I am not yet capable of initialize it correctly.

I found some funktions in the SDK from MCUXpresso, but does not work, so I am doing somthing wrong.


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Moises,

As you know, this flash chip is MXIC auto level product which need NDA to access its datasheet. So I'm trying to give some suggestion.
1.In K80 and K82 SDK, there is QuadSPI examples. K80 TWR board and K82 FRDM board have two MX25U3235 SPI flash chip. The structure maybe a bit similar to MX66L1G89G.
2.MX66L1G89G:3V device. 2 /CS pin, 2 CLK pin; Dual Quad
   MX25U3235FZNI-10G:1.8V. 1 /CS pin, 1个CLK, Single Quad
3.You have to look into K81 reference maunal. QuadSPI has LUT table. It saves SPI flash command. MX66L1G89G is different from MX25U3235 in command format, for example, the address length and the status register. You must modify this table. If pin connection is also different(RM Figure 36-10), you have to change register setting.
AN4512 and AN5244 are the application notes for QuadSPI. You can find them in NXP portal.



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