MCUXpresso Config Tools v15.0 Now Available

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MCUXpresso Config Tools v15.0 Now Available

MCUXpresso Config Tools v15.0 Now Available

We are pleased to announce that MCUXpresso Config Tools v15.0 are now available.


Release Notes

Full details on the release (features, known issues...)

Config Tools v15.0

• The product is based on Eclipse 2023-06.
• Support for SDK 2.15 in the Project cloner and Detect toolchain project is added.

– Setting a security level for a special three-state model is improved.
– Validation for the uniqueness of DID, match and mask input for XRDC2 is added.
– Default global access templates are now created if needed by checkers and missing within MEX.

– An error is now reported when a Verilog code contains a signal that was not declared.
– A capability to select one input for some logic gates for which it does not make sense is removed.
– A button to erase the whole diagram is added.
– Support to keep intermediate files generated by an external program for debugging purposes is added.
– The behavior of selecting the LUT type Custom to keep the previous logic table and added buttons to set it to zeros or ones is changed.
– The status bar to the schematic view is added.

– A bug with the documentation view in a version integrated to the MCUXpresso IDE is fixed.
– The mechanism that handles opening views that were opened in the previous session to work with identification of the configuration instead of its location on disk is updated.
– A new optional experimental loading mechanism for components is prepared. This mechanism will be used by default in the next release.

– Validation to ensure that elements can be configured by the selected core is added.– Rows are sorted in the Peripheral Signals routing dialog.
– The connected pins column in External User Signals always shows the pin's full name.
– The missing scroll bar in the External User Signals view is fixed.
– Support for multicore code generation is added.
– Global configuration elements now support tree structure and can be categorized.
– Fractional PLL now supports a custom range and negative numerator.
– Scrolling in the clock diagram by pressing the mouse wheel (drag and drop) is supported.
– An issue with the code generation that stopped working after drag and drop of a group is fixed.
MCUXpresso IDE integration
– Support for multiple MEX files within one project (toolbar Project combo + autoload MEX on IDE startup) is improved.
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