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Workshop challenges – 10 pointschart.png

Workshop Challenges – 6 points

Challenge 0: Boot Linux on UDOO

Challenge 1: ‘Hello World’ App on UDOO

Challenge 2: Led Blinking

Challenge 3: ATMEL – i.MX6 Communication

Post-workshop Challenge – 4 points

Challenge 4: Connect a sensor to UDOO

Project Development – 60 points

Each milestone has its score

Each milestone’s score is gained when:

The code is summited in the GIT repo

The video is send via email

Each day of delay will determine a loss of 5%

from the milestone’s score

Bonus: 20%*Project_Development_Score

Final Presentation – 30 points

Judging Criteria

        • Originality
        • Execution
        • Usability
        •   Documentation
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