TSN Web UI for ls1028ardb

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TSN Web UI for ls1028ardb

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Hi community, 

I'm working on the Web UI for TSN configuration on my ls1028ardb board;

I followed what is written on this doc at the : REALTIMEEDGEUG_REV2.2.pdf

I succeeded to setup my Ubuntu and run "sudo python3 cnc.py". Also I  input the IP of web server with the port 8180 at browser. Then I got this page:



I can get the ls1028 board through lldp but still can not configure the TSN.

But on the reference manual, I was supposed to get the page like this in order to configure TSN:



Here is the question, that I couldn't find this page up there. The only page I can get is the first one showed. 

Does anyone ever tried using WEB UI before? How can I configure TSN through the browser?

Thanks a lot for your help !



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