LS2085ARDB data cache corruption

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LS2085ARDB data cache corruption

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we encountered data corruption issues after D-cache disable/enable cycle on LS2085ARDB board, the code sequence is:

1. disable the global Data/Unify cache by clearing SCTLR.C bit;

2. do cache clean by way/set as recommended by ARM user manual;

3. modify data when cache disabled;

4. re-enable Data/Unify cache by setting SCTRL.C bit;

5. the modified data in step 3 is not visible any more.

This issue is observed in both AARCH64 and AARCH32 modes. We created a small testcase as shown below; this testcase is loaded by u-boot. a brief explanation of the test code:

1. the testcase is loaded to address 0x80100000, and from the u-boot shell, 'go 0x80100000' to enter the testcase.

2. the testcase just replicates the above described sequence, first, it writes constant #1 to address 0x80000000, then disable and clean the cache, and write constant #2 to 0x80000000, after that, enable the cache again, and try reading from 0x80000000; if the read value is #2, then the modification is visible and test passed ('A' is printed on console), otherwise 'B' is printed. Please note the testcase inherits the MMU & page attributes settings from the LS2085ARDB u-boot, which is cacheable writeback for address at 0x80000000.


Test code:


        LDR     x0, =0x80000000

        MOV     x1, #1

        STR     x1, [x0]

        /********************************************clean all ****************/

        DMB     SY                                                                                                                                                               

        MRS     X0, CLIDR_EL1                                                                               

        AND     W3, W0, #CLIDR_LOC                                                                          

        LSR     W3, W3, #(CLIDR_LOC_SHIFT - 1)   /* get 2x LoC */                                           

        CBZ     W3, 5f                                                       /* done */                                                 

        MOV     W10, #0                          /* W10 = 2x LoC */                                         

        MOV     W8, #1                           /* W8 = constant 0b1 */


        ADD     W2, W10, W10, LSR #1             /* W2 = 3x LoC */                                          

        LSR     W1, W0, W2                                                                                  

        AND     W1, W1, #CLIDR_CTYPE_MASK        /* get cache type */                                       

        CMP     W1, #CLIDR_CTYPE_D                                                                          

        B.LT    4f                               /* skip if no or i-cache */                                

        MRS       X14, DAIF

        MSR       DAIFSet, #3

        MSR     CSSELR_EL1, X10                  /* select this cache */                                    

        ISB                                      /* Synchronize change of CSSELR */                         

        MRS     X1, CCSIDR_EL1                   /* read CCSIDR */                                          

                MSR       DAIF, X14

        AND     W2, W1, #CCSIDR_LINESIZE_MASK    /* W2 = log2(linelen)-4 */                                 

        ADD     W2, W2, #4                       /* W2 = log2(linelen) */                                   

        UBFX    W4, W1, #3, #10                  /* W4 = max way number/associativity */                    

        CLZ     W5, W4                           /* W5 = 32-log2(ways), bit position of way in DC operand */

        LSL          W9, W4, W5                                /* W9 = max way number, aligned to position in DC operand */

        LSL          W12, W8, W5                              /* W12 = amount to decrement way number per iteration */   


        UBFX     W7, W1, #13, #15                      /* W7 = max set number, right aligned */                   

        LSL          W7, W7, W2                                /* W7 = max set number, aligned to position in DC operand */

        LSL          W13, W8, W2                              /* W13 = amount to decrement set number per iteration */   


        ORR       W11, W10, W9                            /* W11 = combine way number and cache number */            

        ORR       W11, W11, W7                            /* and set number for DC operand */                        

        DC          CISW, X11                                     /* Do data cache operation by set and way */               

        SUBS     W7, W7, W13                              /* Decrement set number */                                 

        B.GE      3b                                                                                          

        SUBS     X9, X9, X12                                   /* Decrement way number */                                 

        B.GE      2b                                                                                          


        ADD       W10, W10, #2                             /* Increment 2 x cache level */                            

        CMP      W3, W10                                                                                     

        DSB        SY

        B.GT      1b                                                                                          


        MOV     X10, #0                          // swith back to cache level 0                             

        MSR     CSSELR_EL1, X10                  // select current cache level in csselr                    

        DSB     SY                                                                                          


        /********************************************clean done **************/

        MRS       X0, SCTLR_EL3

        BIC         X0, X0, SCTLR_C   /* disable D-Cache */

        MSR       SCTLR_EL3, X0

        ISB          SY           /* Guarantees visibility to instruction fetch */


        LDR        x0, =0x80000000

        MOV     x1, #2

        STR         x1, [x0]

        MRS       X0, SCTLR_EL3

        ORR       X0, X0, #SCTLR_C  /* enable d-cache*/

        MSR       SCTLR_EL3, X0

        ISB          SY           /* Guarantees visibility to instruction fetch */

        LDR        x0, =0x80000000

        LDR        x1, [x0]

        CMP      x1, #2

        BNE        error


        LDR        x2, =0x21c0600

        MOV     x3, #65

        STRB      w3, [x2]

        B             retry


        CMP      x1, #1

        BNE        2f

        LDR        x2, =0x21c0600

        MOV     x3, #66

        STRB      w3, [x2]

        B             .


        LDR        x2, =0x21c0600

        MOV     x3, #67

        STRB      w3, [x2]

        B             .

/* end */

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


  Perhaps it makes sense to try the code under bare metal environment, without U-boot, which has own system initialization. 

  The L1 data memory system uses memory attributes from the MMU to determine the behaviors of memory transactions to regions of memory. Therefore the MMU should be properly configured and enabled to check data cache operations.

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