LS1046a DPDK problem

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LS1046a DPDK problem

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I try to setup DPDK environment on LS1046a.

Follow the LSDK-KC-REV18.06.pdf

in Generic Setup – DPAA:


root@HK-6010:~/dpdk-extras/dpaa# export DPAA_NUM_RX_QUEUES=1

root@HK-6010:~/dpdk-extras/dpaa# fmc -c  usdpaa_config_ls1046.xml -p usdpaa_policy_hash_ipv4_1queue.xml -a

ERR : Invocation of FM_PORT_Open for fm0/port/MAC/9 failed


I checked boot message :

[    2.702890] fsl_proxy-proxy soc:fsl,dpaa:ethernet@2: probed MAC device with MAC address: 40:60:5a:00:ee:20

[    2.703207] fsl_proxy-proxy soc:fsl,dpaa:ethernet@3: probed MAC device with MAC address: 40:60:5a:00:ee:21

[    2.703521] fsl_proxy-proxy soc:fsl,dpaa:ethernet@4: probed MAC device with MAC address: 40:60:5a:00:ee:22

[    2.703836] fsl_proxy-proxy soc:fsl,dpaa:ethernet@5: probed MAC device with MAC address: 40:60:5a:00:ee:23

[    2.703907] fsl_proxy-proxy soc:fsl,dpaa:ethernet@8: of_find_device_by_node(/soc/fman@1a00000/ethernet@f0000) failed

[    2.703913] fsl_proxy-proxy: probe of soc:fsl,dpaa:ethernet@8 failed with error -22

[    2.704227] fsl_proxy-proxy soc:fsl,dpaa:ethernet@9: probed MAC device with MAC address: 40:60:5a:00:ee:25

[    2.704254] fsl_oh: FSL FMan Offline Parsing port driver

[    2.704358] fsl_oh soc:fsl,dpaa:dpa-fman0-oh@2: Found OH node handle compatible with fsl,dpa-oh

[    2.704371] fsl_oh soc:fsl,dpaa:dpa-fman0-oh@2: Allocating 0 ingress frame queues duples

[    2.704412] fsl_oh soc:fsl,dpaa:dpa-fman0-oh@2: OH port /soc/fman@1a00000/port@83000 has no buffer pool. Fragmentation will not be enabled

[    2.704498] fsl_oh soc:fsl,dpaa:dpa-fman0-oh@2: OH port /soc/fman@1a00000/port@83000 enabled.

[    2.704501] fsl_oh soc:fsl,dpaa:dpa-fman0-oh@2: Default egress frame queue: 97

[    2.704502] fsl_oh soc:fsl,dpaa:dpa-fman0-oh@2: Default error frame queue: 96

[    2.704504] fsl_oh soc:fsl,dpaa:dpa-fman0-oh@2: Initialized queues:


Does it cause the fmc failed and  any suggestion?


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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Dear @Michael Lee,

                 was your problem resolved? 

From the bootlogs it seems you don't have FMAN 9 on your boards.  The example fmc files in LSDK are designed for RDB boards. They need to be modified for specific boards. In your case removing the mac 9 should help.