Flash eMMC ls1028a

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Flash eMMC ls1028a

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I have a custom board  with a LS1028A I have an external eMMC connected on eSDHC2. I am trying to flash the eMMC using CodeWarrior Flash Programmer, but I am unable to read or write anything of the device. 

Does anyone know how to configure the Flash Programmer to read/write of an external eMMC?

Ekstra info: 

On eSDHC1 I have a SD-Card reader and I can read the manufacturer ID. I have tried using the configuration files that came along with CW and also configured my own. Here is the configuration file I am using now: 

                <sector count="15309208" size="0x200"/>
                <organization depth="8000M" width="8">
                        <fpinclude href="algorithms/SD_MMC.xml"/>
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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello Ola Normand,

1. Please create a bare board project, please refer to section "3.2.1 Creating, building bareboard project" in Freescale\CW4NET_v2019.01\CW_ARMv8\ARMv8\Help\Getting_Started_for_CW_ARMv8.pdf.

2. Please click the project, click Run->Debug Configurations->GDB Hardware Debugging-><project>->Startup and configure this panel as the following to avoid CodeWarrior downloading ELF to DDR memory.


3.Open CW initialization file panel from Target Connections->LS1028A_RDB(1)->Target Initialization file, please modify "USE_SAFE_RCW = False" to "USE_SAFE_RCW = True" to configure the target board to use hard-coded RCW.

Please modify the following section to add MMC device under "def Config_Flash_Devices():".

gdb.execute("fl_device --alias mmc --name MMCP1xxx_LSCH2 --address 0x00000000 --waddress 0x10000000 --wsize 0x1FFFF --geometry 8x1 --controller eSDHC")

4. Please click the project and connect to the target board from Run->Debug Configurations->Debug, then click the suspend button to suspend the core.

5. Please click the flash programming button to program MMC card. For details, please refer to section "7.7 Using flash programmer from eclipse IDE" in Freescale\CW4NET_v2019.01\CW_ARMv8\ARMv8\Help\PDF\ARMv8_Targeting_Manual.pd



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