FRWY LS1012A and LS1012RDB kernel difference

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FRWY LS1012A and LS1012RDB kernel difference

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Hi, I wasted whole day trying to get either the iptables or nftables going on the FRWY LS1012A board running the Ubuntu 16.04 image obtained at the end of the GSG (Rev 1, 05/2018).  In both cases, the problem is that the necessary Netfilter kernel modules (nf...) were not included in the /lib/modules folder.  I already asked another question describing the finding and asked whether this might not be a bug.

THIS question is about the next step: now I am staring down the prospect of checking out the linux kernel, changing the kernel options to generate the modules I need, and then copying them back to the SD card.  Even checkout out the correct kernel branch is turning out to be fraught with difficulties, so this is blowing up into an open-ended research project.

At the same time, I found another guide: LS1012A ASK1.1.  I realize this was written for another board (RDB) but wonder if the 2 platforms are pretty similar such that I can attempt to build OpenWRT for FRWY-LS1012A board, roughly following the document number LS1012A ASK RN ASK 1.1.

What would you advise?

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

I think this has already been discussed in this thread. To summarize, if you are not going to use the ASK,

the recommended approach is to stay with the most recent NXP LSDK which has kernel netfilter options

configured by default. If you are still interested in the ASK, submit a request for evaluation binaries for

your board.

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