BringUp issue of LS1020A platform

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BringUp issue of LS1020A platform

Contributor III

Hi All,

We are bringing-up the custom board with LS1020A SoC.

We are using "CodeWarrior TAP" debugger to flash the images, but initially as the board is empty the connection is not going thru.

I would like to know how to make the connection and configure the Debugger to take the RCW and Flash it on NOR flash..

As i read the community forums, there seems to be an option to enable 'Hard Coded RCW" and then proceed with programming actual RCW into NOR Flash, but i am not clear on how to do this. Is it something we need to provide an option on the board?

I am currently stuck with this and any help in this regard would be really appreciated.

Best Regards,


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello Nagi,

The latest CodeWarrior for ARM v7 supports the feature that configures the RCW source location through CodeWarrior CCS, CCS configures index 0 register to configure RCW source, for example write this register as 0x9B.

You could consider about the following methods to configure your target to hard-coded RCW.

1. Configure hardware pins cfg_rcw_src[0:n].

2. Use hard-coded RCW on the target directly.

Please use CodeWarrior JTAG configuration file, please refer to the section "8.3 Setting up a remote system to use a JTAG configuration file" in the document C:\Freescale\CW_ARMv7_v10.0.7\ARMv7\Help\PDF\CW_ARMv7_Targeting_Manual.pdf.

Please refer to the attached JTAG configuration file.

3. Configure rcw source as hard-coded and use your own configuration to override it through write RCWSR on the target.

Please refer to and  modify the JTAG configuration file in C:\Freescale\CW_ARMv7_v10.0.7\ARMv7\ARM_Support\Configuration_Files\jtag_chains.

Have a great day,

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hi Nagi,

As Sinan Akman mentioned, one way to connect to the board in absent of RCW is to set the board for hardcoded RCW. But, if the you have a custom board and you don't have the signal for hardcoded RCW to a switch or something like this and you use LS1020A Rev2,  you can use RCW override feature from CodeWarrior. Please take a look on AN5148, Chapter 4 Board Recovery. It is about SD card programming, but the RCW override is applicable also for NOR.


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Senior Contributor III

Hi Nagi

In the absence of RCW on a new board, hard-coded RCW source can be used

to boot the board. Of course the supplied RCW values should be adequate for

the board. There are several ways of doing this : it can be provided via the

boot strapping rcw_src pins or it can be supplied by a JTAG debugger during

reset. I have a different JTAG debugger here (BDI3000 from Abatron) and I

am able to do this by defining a hard-coded rcw_src in the config file. I don't

know how you would do this using CWTAP. I am sure there is a way and

hopefully someone from FSL/NXP would provide you some help on this.


Sinan Akman

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