Using Xpresso IDE on Intel Atom

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Using Xpresso IDE on Intel Atom

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for my main work i use my capable PC whit vertical dispaly and all other goodies, but sometimes i just want small little 2in1 tablet/laptop to take whit me and do some light code modifying on the go or in the lab. Thats why i have been thingking of getting a 10 inch, 8GB RAM, 128GB emmC, Atom x5 8350 processor.

But i have been thinking if this is capable of running IDE i use for programming: LPC Xpresso. Anyone has any experience working whit these intel Atom chips?

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Assuming the machine you buy is running a supported OS (and for debug purposes has normal USB ports), it probably should work, though it could be rather slow (just as many apps are on Atom parts). However, the main issue to think about is probably going to be screen resolution and size.

We have some laptops here that run 1440 x 900, and I'm not sure that running on anything lower in resolution than that will be very practical without you restricting the number (and size) of the views you have open at any one time.


LPCXpresso Support

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