What processor is on the OM40003 dev board

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What processor is on the OM40003 dev board

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When trying to find the exact processor version that is on the OM40003 dev board I have run into some confusion. I have looked at the product data sheets for lpc54018xx processors and they seem to either suggest the markings on the first line on the processor should read: : LPC540xx/LPC54S0xxJ or LPC54018JxM/LPC54S018JxM, however the processor on the dev board reads LPC54018J with no additional characters. What version processor is this and why is it not matching the expected markings of this range of processors?

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


Sorry for  responding you late. The engineer has been overload. 

I will try help here.

The LPC540xx and LPC54S0xx TFBGA180 and TFBGA100 packages have the following
top-side marking:
• First line: LPC540xxJ or LPC54S0xxJ
• Second line: ET180 or ET100
• Third line: xxxxxxxxxxxx
• Fourth line: xxxyywwx[R]x
– yyww: Date code with yy = year and ww = week.
– x[R] = boot code version and device revision.

We can see this statement in errata, page 3



This the the chip top-side marking photo:


Hope this helps,

Jun Zhang



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